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        About SDARE

        About SDARE

        SDARE Electric Equipment GmbH founded in 1937 and headquartered in Southern Germany Vassar fort, through the course of 75 years of development, now the world more than 20 countries and regions set up branches. In Germany and the Czech Republic has a R & D center and production base. The company has always focused on the transmission and distribution systems and various industrial users of power factor correction and filtering governance, has a wealth of experience in this field and to provide a reasonable solution.


        • Medium Voltage Capacitors
          Medium Voltage Capacitors

          The FAMP shunt capacitor is used to enhance the power factor, reduce the line loss, enhance the efficiency of transformer, improve the quality of power supply, reduce the section of distribution cable and enhance the capability of power transmission.

        • Medium Voltage Reactor
          Medium Voltage Reactor

          The SKD serial reactor is the major corollary equipment of reactive compensation and harmonic control to suit for the power system of 6 to 35KV, serial reactor and shunt capacitor bank compose the LC loop to repress the waveform distortion of voltage, the harmonic component of capacitor and limit the cut-in surge current of capacitor bank.

        • Active Power Filters
          Active Power Filters

          SAHF conducts real-time collection of current signal through external CT, separates the harmonics part through internal detection of circuit, and generates the compensating current which is opposite to the equal harmonics phase in the system by means of IGBT power converter, to filter the harmonics.

        Contact Us

        Contact Us

        Add:Hohenst.t25a.88142 wasserbuger.Germany
        E-mail: info@sdare.de